“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

You may not know what is ahead but you will know what lies in-between, not the past.  Rumi said a long time ago, “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Face yourself first, then the rest of the world. Don’t waste your time in growing up or going back. Either of it would not bring anything. It is exactly like this: how do you write anything? First you brainstorm but if you do not get any idea what to write, you just look within yourself. You find the key to write. Of course that key does not appear magically, it comes from Almighty. As whatever you are searching for is with Him, inside your heart. Word by word it all writes by itself but only the writer knows what it takes;  to sit patiently writing it all down. It does not matter whether the audience will approve his work or not, it matters that he had the courage to stand up for his words for himself. To just say it, even if the world thinks this particular person is insane philosophizing on words and connecting it with ourselves. To leave the comfort zone, to ask the people, at least find the time to read what it is written. After all reading is only a task of eye-mind coordination if you want to put it that way.  It hardly takes five minutes to read it all. But to get the feedback out of people, it takes a while. A while because writing is what we all fear from. A huge task isn’t? For the rest it may be like just to blurt out what he read in the first line to debate till 1000 comments.

1000 comments or less, it is interesting how far a human being can go either it is useless or useful; we are not going into details. We are only concerned with how far he abused, used and reused the words for his convenience to just let it go on and on. On numerous mainstreaming online blogs, it is a trend. My view is if you want to take that journey into yourself, begin from your mouth. Mouth because it helps us communicate and then hands because it helps us write-type. If you will use the language and concentrate on it, it does wonders unconsciously into you. Because remember communication gap or lack of it, is the root cause of everything. Not generalizing , but if we have to look at it ourselves, it seriously is. It is not the variable logic or how we perceive what is written and being watched. Just look at our talk shows, discussions forums and so on. Words precisely and nothing else would take us into a sneak peak of ourselves. Words are merely a basic communication skill under which the backdrop of feelings, emotions, consequences and events come into life. At this hour I am so sleepy but I had to write it down like this is the last time I am ever going to say something either significant or not. It must be spoken out.

The given story below was written a year ago but it seemed incomplete and today it’s meaning to me, you and the rest of our society who can read would know what’s the real cause of our state of minds.

“The shortest story: You met I, I met you. You became I. I became You. Bizarre. It ended on WE. Then from WE went to US. Untill it became One. Now we and us complete the equation of being together.

The story you read above might sound to you bizarre, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. It belongs to us. It belongs to you. This story is about the society. The Earth. About the People. Are you ready to become a part of being- one and only- ? The next big thing.

WE becoming ONE. Standing firm. Not alone. If we are all alone, we would make this world aloneness To create a free hopelessness world, become One. So that whoever is alone becomes One. Not alone. Reality would be there. If you are not going to mold it and try to play your part, then whose going to? Me? I am playing my part. It is the time. Begin today, protest later, react now become passive later. Become active!”

Our state of minds are like clouds; sometimes they are black and sometimes they are grey. They cannot be both at a time.

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Mariam Saeed Khan is a long term member of Ideas Evolved, having in the past interviewed a wide range of public personalities. She is currently doing her Bachelors in Political Sciences and Media Studies from Lahore School of Economics, and aspires to be a leading journalist/writer/poetess from Pakistan.

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  1. ahmadtabassumsaeed@facebook.com'

    Well written and an inspirational piece of writing.

    Another article well served. 😀

    Made my free time. That is, if A’ Level and SAT gives me any.

    Tabasco / Reply
    • Thank you so much, much appreciated Tabasco (never heard this name)! :) lol you should be ready when university starts. you wont have any time then for real.

  2. mirstation2@hotmail.com'

    You have spoken out Mariam and spoken well from your heart and mind! <today I have read your thoughts carefully and you have said what many people have in their heart and would like to say. Why wait to say? Why be afraid? Only care is to be taken not to hurt others. Rest is between your mind and pen. The journey of expressing ones thoughts is indeed long and difficult. It needs just the right moment and the magic can begin.

    Your journey Mariam has started and Good Luck!

    Sikandera Mir / Reply
    • Thank you so much Ainy Auntie :) I agree we should be cautious in expressing our truth while communicating with others. Right moments need to be observed and felt. Indeed the journey has started!

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