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Yet again our Beloved Prophet has been smeared and ridiculed by these fanatics who dont even care to actually look into whatever they are talking about. I wonder how many of these ‘artists’ have actually opened up the Quran and read with their own eyes what it says. The fact that they are voicing opinions without even looking into the source itself, challenges their credibility.

But I guess haters gonna hate! We should not really expect anything humane from them. That said, why are the leaders of the Muslim countries protesting like a bunch of Cinderellas?! Why is it that the OIC never managed to pass a bill against the blasphemy of our religion? Crack a joke about holocaust and you are in trouble big time but disrespect our Prophet and suddenly its only a matter of freedom of speech. Although I completely agree that the holocaust is nothing to joke about but neither is this! Insulting the Prophet offends billions of Muslims around the globe yet it is taken very lightly. When was the last time a Muslim was accused of insulting or making fun of Jesus or Moses? We have been guided and instructed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad to not go down this road. Do what you may, but never a Muslim will insult the Prophets of any other religion because it is strictly forbidden in Islam. Yet, the illiterate out there shut their eyes to the obvious and rave and rant about whatever goes on in their heads.

Nevertheless, sadly enough they did manage to blacken our image and unfortunately our reaction helped them to actually prove their point. It is completely understandable and acceptable for a Muslim to protest. However, when we protest like bunch of chaotic thugs, we only give further credit to this unfair and biased representation of our Prophet and our Religion. Instead of rampant destruction, understand why is our image like so? Why is it that everytime we have to protest against something, we end up doing exactly what the Prophet forbade us to do in the first place?I wonder what goes through the minds of these people who react in such a harsh manner…“…yeah so to defend his honor I smashed a bakery which was in a Christian area – altho that guy had nothing to do with it but I guess the Director got the message that I was pissed and Yes i am not even sure if the owner was really a christian or even if remotely related to the Director in anyway. Sunnah? Salaat? Well I didnt have time to do those – smashing a bakery is very time taking plus I had to roam the streets too if I wanted to be on TV for them Ameeriki to know that as a Muslim how offended I am! Grr…!”Yes! the Director got the message alright. He is celebrating the fact that he represented us ‘all’ so accurately without having to do any research. Shukria!
Today while the protests were taking place, the rioters burnt down the van of the Eidhi Foundation. EIDHI!! This guy is one of the most famous philanthropist in the world! Oh and incase this fact got lost in the fumes of his burning van – he is a MUSLIM! How on earth is this protesting against the perpetrators?! Had the Prohpet (PBUH) been among us today, do you think he would have allowed this to happen? He would have strictly forbidden such an act to take place. Islam has strict regulations and code of conduct in a war against the POW and in the battlefield itself. While in battle, the soldier is forbidden to harm even a  tree even if its in the land of the enemy! Our so-called protests are in stark contrast and contradiction with the very teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) in whose name these atrocities are being carried out! These shameful acts are insulting to the memory of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)!Last year when these people had “Burn a Quran Day”, I saw a couple of Facebook pages where the Muslims were totally enraged and were calling names and were totally offensive in every way. There were several non-muslims there who had commented that although they dont support this obscene act but this is the very reason they dont like Muslims as a nation because we have anger management issues. A friend of mine simply commented in that forum that if there is anything at all that you would like to know or discuss or even pinpoint about Islam please send me a message and I will be more than happy to explain it to you. She actually got messages from 2 people – they had some misconceptions and she cleared them up with the utmost respect and they actually said that they would like to read more into it and the discussion came to an end. Another example is of a group of people in England known as the iERA (check out their channel on Youtube) they are distributing free copies of the Biography of the Prophet in ‘protest’.What an amazingly fabulous way to show the World the real Islam. THIS is how you handle ‘misrepresentation’! Adding fuel to the fire is only going to make it worse. Its like beating up someone because they ‘lied’ when they called you aggressive’!Burning your own country and harming fellow citizens to get them to believe that Islam is a religion of Peace is seriously the dumbest way to protest. Let me give you an example on a smaller scale.A neighbor comments that your parents didnt do a good job raising you. Do you smash your window and hit someone across the road because they have the same religion? Or do you look for the root cause as to why was the neighbor critical about you and try and fix that issue within yourself? The neighbor most probably will do it again just for the heck of enjoying the reaction the next time. Most Non-Muslims who have issues with Islam itself basically react to our attitude and behavior. They don’t bother researching and frankly why would they? So they simply use us as an example and reflect off whatever they see. There is a very famous quote by Bill Maher that goes “Islam is a religon of Peace. If you disagree they will kill you”. Even though its offensive but you have to agree that does it not represent us? When was the last time we protested in a civilized manner? Some of you may think that civilized protesting does not get the point across – fine. Tell me when was the last time protesting like animals helped us either? They still had their cartoons published. They still had the cartoon contest. The only thing we managed to do with our senseless disruption was to lose sympathy and support from those who did agree that this was crossing the line. We are simply acting like barbarians while demanding not to be looked at as barbarians! Very effective indeed! If you wish to protest – march down the street, carry your slogans demand an apology and most of all do it peacefully like the Prophet would have wanted rather than destroying, burning and harming anything and anyone in your way!Finally, make dua for the Muslims. We are pretty much responsible for this mess. We ourselves have portrayed an image which is negative and demeaning in the eyes of the world. When the “Burn a Quran Day” was announced, churches were burnt to the ground even though that act had not been carried out – it was only announced! In a Hadith al Qudsi, Allah forbids us to even make fun of the gods of other religion let alone harm their religious sanctuaries and here we are burning their churches! We punished the people who had not even heard of Pastor Terry Jones. We attacked people who learn about Islam by analyzing us and we pushed them away so far from Islam by terrorizing them for something that was not even remotely their fault! How would you feel if someone showed to up to your doorstep and beat you black and blue because someone you didnt even know existed, thousands and thousands of miles away offended him? No one will accept the fact – a tarnished and hazy fact (thanks to us) that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is Mercy for mankind if we – his followers act this way. Even during the time of the Prophet (PBUH) himself, this was really common. The non-believers would insult him openly and infront of the Sahaba but the Prophet and his companions always dealt with the matter with patience. As Muhammadans, we should do the same. Do you think if the Prophet was with us today, he would have approved of this senseless violence? The word Islam means ‘Peace’. What kind of Muslims are we if we cannot embody the meaning of our religion?
If you wish to show the world how Muslims really are then follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. Treat people with kindness and respect. Show them that you will not have any part in any mischief because thats not the way of the Prophet (PBUH) and then leave the rest to Allah. You will be judged for your efforts and deeds. When the time comes be proud and tell Allah that you defended the honor of the Prophet by ‘showing’ the non-Muslims how downright fantastic a man our Prophet (PBUH) was! Even if one single person comes to Islam because of you, Allah will reward you immensely for that Inshallah. On the other hand if even one single person turns away from Islam because of you then may Allah have Mercy on you. Like I said do your part within the confines of Islam and leave the rest to the one who created us all.
For those of you who wish to have some backing from Quran and Hadith in this matter, please watch this link:

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    according to me the real protest is to report their facebook page so that page will shutdown automatically.. remember, by shuting down this page youtube will lose more than 630000000 (63M)fans on facebook..

    so just report here

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