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There is no dearth of bizarre claims in the modern world, but Pakistanis can safely be trusted to come up with something that puts all other wackos to shame. I’m talking of course, about Mr. Agha Waqar who claims to have invented a water kit that will allow cars to run on water.  It’s all very well, except for the fact that his so called “invention” contradicts the most fundamental of the laws of Physics, that of the Conservation of Energy.

According to Mr. Waqar, the “water kit” works by electrolyzing distilled water to produce hydrogen, which is then used to power the engine. Now, of course a battery will be needed to electrolyze water and Mr. Waqar suggests that part of the energy generated from burning the hydrogen will be used to recharge the battery. Yes! In a nutshell, water will be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen and then hydrogen will be burned to generate energy which will then be used to power the engine and recharge the battery. And this, my friends, is absurd.

Such a contraption is known as a “perpetual-motion machine” and the absurdity of Mr Waqar’s claims can be illustrated by taking a look at two other such devices. Take, for example, a motor, used to pump water to a tank above the ground. The water then falls down, turning a turbine in the process which produces electricity which, in turn, is used to power the motor. Another example would be a car with a magnet attached to it at the front. The idea is that the magnet would attract the car causing it to move forward. In this way, the whole package (car plus magnet) would keep moving forever. Obviously, anyone who has ever touched O-Level physics will know that things don’t work this way.

Indeed, the only way the water kit can work is if more energy is released by burning hydrogen (forming water) than is required to electrolyze water. Basically, energy will need to be produced out of nothing and this violates the Law of the Conservation of Energy.

*Face Palm*

Frauds like these are found all over the world, but what I’m worried about is the reaction of the media, politicians and even the scientific community. The cabinet has already met thrice over this and Mr Waqar was hailed as a hero by anchors Talat Hussain and Hamid Mir. What’s even more astounding is that Mr. Waqar’s claims were backed by many in the scientific community, including distinguished scientists Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Dr Samar Mubarakmand, both of whom displayed a lack of basic knowledge of physics.

Some, such as Dr Attaur Rehman, challenged Agha Waqar’s claims, but were quickly shouted down by people who barely know what they are talking about, such as Sindh Minister Ayaz Soomro who declared Agha Waqar a national hero, called Dr Attaur Rehman a “product of dictatorship” and rejected his statement that the water kit is a fraud. It is interesting to note that Dr Waqar still hasn’t filed a patent for his so called invention.

The whole episode shows how easy it is to fool Pakistanis. Instead of actually trying to improve the situation, our energy starved nation is always on the lookout for a miracle cure, which goes a long way towards explaining the mentality of a typical Pakistani. The truth is that we are afraid of hard work; plain and simple. I hope that in the end, when the water kit is finally proven to be a fraud, all anchors and scientists touting  it as the greatest invention of all time will have the decency to publicly acknowledge their mistake.

Ideas Evolved shares the following video as we cannot find words to express how idiotized we feel thanks to Agha Waqar (disclaimer: the video may contain some strong language and political wrong-ness):

If you can’t view the above video, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi8O6aN9tno

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    i also object agha waqar but before objecting him .i,il say that the water kit is a reality..it is available on internet here is the link. .http://www.ebay.com/itm/SMART-CELL-HHO-GENERATOR-KIT-RUN-YOUR-CAR-ON-WATER-/290681178001?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43adf2c791

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