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Our first WOW post after relaunch, and the foremost of many to come, is dedicated to none other than ‘The Cheapmunks’! This creative duo has managed to wreak chaos across Facebook and Youtube through refreshing renditions of already existing songs. Their work has managed to gain popularity among the youth, and their songs are already being played on radio, a feat indeed! Cousins Mehak Taherani and Suhana Baloch sure seem to be on a successful roll. But one thing that manages to elude us, is the history of the name =p

Mehak is currently in her first year at University College London, while Suhana is taking a year off after A Levels. It hasn’t been long since the girls posted their first video, yet they have already performed at two fund-raising concerts and recorded songs with the City FM show ‘In the Loop’. With a growing fan base (currently 14,109 fans) on Facebook, these down-to-earth and charismatic young musicians are all set to be Pakistan’s next ‘it’ girls!

Things kicked off for ‘The Cheapmunks’ when they posted their first duet on Facebook in September2010. Ever since then, these girls have invited fame to their doorstep. After receiving a positive feedback they started off on the road to popularity, performing at gigs and concerts, setting a whole new dimension to underground bands. Their remixes are unique, catchy and mesmerizing. They manage to combine songs that would otherwise seem completely incongruent. Who could have thought ‘The way you lie’ (by Eminem and Rihanna) and Bewafa (by Imran Khan) could have blended so well together? Not to mention, the personal touch that they add to all their versions. Great concoctions, is what they are (the songs, not the girls =p) as many of you would agree =)

Those of you who have heard their duets know what I am talking about, and those of you who haven’t, are really missing out only something quite amazing. So to start, you can watch the video posted below and find many more on Youtube. Let us all wish these girls the best of luck, as they acquire global recognition for their work!

~Proud to be a Pakistani~


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  1. This song instantly made a fan out of me 😀

    Ziad Bashir / Reply
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    u gilzz r roxxxxx…………

    rao umair / Reply
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    outstanding.. 😀

    what is there official youtube channel??

    @petri5ied89 / Reply

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